Many people are celebrating the lifting of restrictions from 19th July 2021, however we will still be in a global Covid pandemic. Infection rates continue to rise.

Although many people are vaccinated, it is still possible to carry Covid and spread it to people who are not yet or who are unable to be vaccinated.

We have been advised by our regulating authorities not to change our clinic policies on Covid at this time, so the no mask, no face to face treatment policy will remain in place for all therapists/therapies. If you forget your mask, we will supply one for you.

Together with regular hand washing/sanitising, masks are a simple way to help reduce transmission of the virus, particularly in close contact services like ours. All practitioners will still continue to wear PPE.

We realise this may bring dismay to some of our patients, but we have to consider not just our own health, but that of our frailest patients.

If you really, really cant wear a mask, please contact us before booking.

IMPORTANT - If on the 2 days before or on the day of your appointment, you have or have had a cough, sore throat, raised temperature, or you’ve lost your senses of taste and/or smell, please telephone us to reschedule. PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE PRACTICE, and follow advice from NHS 111 with regards to self-isolation and for further health information.